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Anime discussions

Group Founder: gameboy1
Description: New anime. Old anime. Tell us about it. Leave ya links 4 cool anime sites. Torrents. Direct links. Avi.Rmvb.Vob.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 50
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (21)

go Fansubs (8) goaguy
Hey everyone. Can anybody tell me some good links where i can download fansubs.

go naruto (18) sakura77
has anyone seen naruto and who's your fave character

go AVATAR BENDER (1) yuzi
what's your favorite character on AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER?what's the element?

go *Air Gear* (4) 1kk1
Wat do u thnk abt air gear? Who is ur fav. Character in it?

go Prince of Tennis (2) jimenfu
Do you like the anime/manga? Whos your favorite? Anything about the show you wanna talk about? Let me hear it!

go Ur fav? (2) putro
Whats ur fav.manga/comicbook?

go Inuyasha (4) aome69
What do u think about inuyasha? Who's your fav character?

go fate stay nite (3) stryderr
have any of u seen fate stay nite ? what u think about it

go Anime Nation Revival (2) gameboy1
Yeah, so Ive neglected my group a tad. Ok, loads. LoL. Wel, if people still checking in, post here and bud me as well. Il try my best to be as active as I can.

go Fruits Basket (3) misakura
Is anyone into this manga? If so, tell me what ya think of it and if you saw the anime tell me bout that to. Dont forget your favorite character!! :-)

go Vampire Social Club (1) kazaf019
Plz join us in vampire-social-club. Vampire Social WHEN VAMPIRES ARE AROUND EXPECT THAT VAMPIRES ARE AROUND TOO.! We The ROYAL VAMPIRES are Drinking Blood but d...

go Hello! :-) (3) misakura
Hello! Im new! :-)

go Yugioh/GX (3) kikh
Yugioh or yugioh gx: Which 1 do u like more? And who's ur fave char?

go Ouran high (2) aryachan
Has anyone seen ouran highschool hostclub. What do u think of it and whos ur fav character? Mine is honey sempai

go Elfen Lied (5) xxkyo
What do u think about it? For me its greatest anime ever i have saw.


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